Wedding talk: Bridal Details edition

by Madison Koch

December 6, 2021

Let’s talk day-of-details! If you know me, you know detail shots usually end up being some of my favorite shots from a wedding day! You also know, I try my very best to be as organized and prepared as I can be! You have a million things to plan and prepare for your wedding day. I am hoping this blog post will make your life a little easier and helps you get those beautiful shots you see from other wedding days!

A common question we get from our Simply Madison brides is “what on earth do I pack for detail shots?” This is one of my favorite questions to answer! This has become a frequently asked question, so I decided to make a guide to help with detail organization + to provide insight as to what should be included for those dreamy detail shots you find on Pinterest!

First things first, your detail box should include random elements that are going to be making up your big day! If you will not be wearing perfume on your wedding day, you shouldn’t pack it! What you should pack instead is your great grandma’s bracelet you WILL be wearing throughout the day or maybe those heels you bought just for your special day! The whole idea behind the detail shots is to capture those little details that will make up YOUR big day!

Below, you can find our packing checklist for all things detail shots! *Pro tip: put your details in a shoebox or tote bag to keep it organized and easily accessible for day of shots!

As a photographer, the first thing I go to document day of is the details. When I arrive and unpack my things, the first things I am going to ask for may be your shoes, your dress and your great grandmas bracelet you are so excited to wear! Rather than sending those bridesmaids on the hunt or digging through that messy getting ready suite– have it all in an easy to grab spot + put into a bag or shoe box! This also ensures you have one less thing to worry about or track down on wedding day. I promise, you’ll thank yourself later (and so will your photographer!)

Use this as your sign to get those details organized and ready for your photographer day of! I promise, you will not regret this step in your wedding planning process! Feel free to use this guide as you gear up for that big day, or share with others to help them get organized!

Happy packing, gorgeous! <3

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