The Senior Experience: Spokesmodel Edition

by Madison Koch

February 28, 2022

In 2021, I launched the first ever Simply Madison Photography Spokesmodel team! Almost a year later, I can truly say this team has changed my life in all the ways possible! *cue the waterworks*

As our first year comes to a close + application time is literally only hours away, I cannot help but feel allllll sorts of emotions! The good news is, my biggest emotion is pure JOY!

The purpose of the Spokesmodel program is to gather a team together that is made up of outgoing, bubbly, kind-hearted, energetic + well rounded seniors from various high schools. These seniors will participate in various team based events, styled shoots, refer others to SMP, participate in group sessions, as well as receive other perks (such as cash incentives!) Throughout the season, we have many adorable themed sessions for solo sessions and also for the entire team as a whole.

This team has quickly captured my heart and I know it has also changed the lives of others in such a short amount of time! This team is something I will forever cherish and always be something I look forward to each year. My favorite part (aside from the adorable and fun photoshoots we do) is getting to spend time getting to know each girl on the team! I WANT to be your best friend, someone you can just text at 11:00pm on a Tuesday, someone more than just a photographer who took your senior pictures. I truly want to experience each memorable moment from your most important year yet right alongside you!

If you are on the fence about applying for the rep team, this blog post is for you! In this post, I am going to share my top five reasons on why this new(ish), exciting and F U N spokesmodel team is the right fit for you!

1. You are a social butterfly

Do not let the “model” part in the word “spokesmodel” scare you! There is absolutely NO modeling experience necessary to be apart of this team. My job is to show you beautiful, natural poses that capture you as you are! I love when my girls have zero modeling experience because that means we get to start from scratch! (it’s also more fun that way!)

The more important part is that you thrive in social settings! What I mean by that is you are not afraid to talk to others, love to share your ideas and will fully step into a leader role whenever needed! If you are a natural born leader, have a strong personality and love being social, this team is perfect for you! This doesn’t mean I am going to put you on the spot, or that I expect you to be the most outgoing person ever on the planet … but my job is to get you outside of that comfort zone and to ensure you have so much fun! Being a social butterfly just means that you will get the most out of this experience, share your ideas with myself + others and also be comfortable sharing your experiences!

2. You love to have FUN!

I love working with people who are joyful, genuine and are always seeking different ways to have fun! This is actually one of the biggest reasons I became a photographer! Throughout this experience, we will do so many fun activities. A meet and greet event, styled sessions, solo shoots, group sessions, a Christmas party, an end of year party, you name it…. we are doing it! My favorite thing about each of these is knowing I will be laughing throughout, spending time with my favorite girls and leaving with a smile on my face! You will get to witness first hand what the behind the scenes of an actual session looks like for Simply Madison and I am here to tell you, it will be nothing short of fun and silly…always! If you are naturally a fun person who loves to laugh, goof around and make friends, this is the program for you!

3. You use Social Media

This is a HUGE must for this program! The sole purpose behind this program is to represent SMP through your images! It is a requirement for all Spokesmodels to share final images and behind the scenes from photoshoots on any and all socials they made be apart of! As photographers, we spend hours upon hours planning, being behind the camera, editing and so much more to highlight and share the spokesmodel program. In addition to the relatively small fee you pay to participate, we ask that you share your experience and images with the world! We want you to share your fun experiences and beautiful images with your family, friends, classmates and beyond! Not only does this benefit SMP, but also you as well. If your friends love your images and want that same fun experience you had, they will book with Simply Madison and YOU will get cash incentives + other credits in return!

4. You enjoy trying something new!

Maybe this is something that is out of your comfort zone… that is more than okay! That is actually the whole point! It is not everyday a senior gets to say she joined a team full of strangers and became a model overnight! We actually encourage you to try new things and promise you will be so happy when you do. Sometimes, it is scary to step out of that comfort zone. However, when you allow yourself to do just that, you’ll be more than happy you chose to try something new! Trust me, I too have been there. It is because I took a massive step outside of my comfort zone and tried something brand new that I started this business of mine! Looking back, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world! Trying new things is a great skill to have when you’re older, so why not start now?!

5. You want to make the most of your best year yet!

Senior year is such an incredible time in your life! It is a year of many “lasts.” When you started high school, you probably were dreaming about your senior homecoming, games, senior night, prom and graduation. Who would have thought four years would come and go in the blink of an eye! Now it is time to start thinking of future plans, buying your cap and gown and soaking in every possible second with those people around you. If you…

  • want someone to capture your personality, uniqueness and your heart
  • are looking for a fun photographer (that is more so like a built in BFF!)
  • care about your senior portrait experience and care about having beautiful images
  • want to be apart of a life changing experience
  • thrive in team settings + enjoy being around others
  • want a variety of settings, locations and outfits for your senior session
  • and most importantly want to have FUN…..

……then this Senior Spokesmodel Program was made for YOU, girl! <3

This team will always be a huge part of me and where I am today! I can truly say I am a better leader, photographer and friend because of this program and the ladies that have been apart of it so far! We truly have a blast together and I am so thankful for the memories that have already been made in one short year! I am so excited to continue to share one of my favorite parts of being a senior photographer with the world and would love to have you join along for the ride!

If you are a 2023 senior who has stuck with me this far + just wants to go for it….. use the link below to gain *EARLY ACCESS to the 2022-2023 Spokesmodel Team Application!* This link has yet to be shared with the world and is exclusive to this blog post only! I am so excited to share this with all of you and cannot wait to see applications come rolling in! (NOTE- only applicants can fill out this application, no parents please!)


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